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Furniture Moves and Procurement
Relocations and Reconfigurations
Repairs and Maintenance
Furniture Project Management
Specification and Design
Transportation and Installation Services

Why You Need Furniture Management:

Expert Guidance:  For any project, there are a lot of choices to make regarding furniture and services. After discussing and understanding your objectives, we will help you navigate through your many choices, whether it is for new, used or refurbished products and available services.

Budget Evaluation:  Sliauter Inc. can help you develop and analyze all options to ensure that you maximize the use of your budget.

Risk Management:  Furniture selection and installation can be expensive regardless of whether you're purchasing new or used furniture or reusing your existing furniture. Missteps during the process can be extremely costly. Our staff will help you avoid mistakes frequently made in this area.

Reduced Administration: Coordination among the client, designers, manufacturers, contractors and building owners is critical to a successful process. It is also complex. We will administer and manage the entire process, ensuring all requirements and scheduling is coordinated and met.

Cost Savings: Significant cost savings can be realized through effective reuse, refurbishment or used furniture. We can help you weigh out the pros and cons of all your choices.

Furniture Management Saves Time and Money:

In today's increasingly fast paced and collaborative environment, furniture management is changing rapidly and often underutilized. Understanding how to best integrate furniture and and related services into your environment is a daunting task. We will help you understand your options and how best maximize your investment . As your furniture manager we can coordinate all aspects of furniture selection, layout, purchase, installation, and completion of the project.

New and Used Furniture Management:

Our staff can guide you through the process of budgeting, selecting and implementing your furniture purchase. We can assist you in navigating the entire selection process from our stock in our 20000 square foot showroom with both used and new furniture including any special order items that may be needed. We also take care of the delivery and installation of all of your office furniture installations and setup on time and on budget.

Existing Furniture Management:

Using furniture you already have seems straightforward. But moving workstations and conference furniture is anything but simple. We will work with you to generate the optimal reuse strategy, helping you avoid the common pitfalls that occur when reusing furniture.

We can help you fit, plan, and detail where each piece is going. We can help you determine the loss factor due to final furniture layouts that differs from the original placement. We can also handle any refurbishment that your old furniture might need before placing it in a new environment.